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MBK (Scooter manufacturer)

MBK , a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company, is a French Scooter manufacturer, based in Rouvroy, Picardy, France. The company was first established in 1923 under the name Motobécane and for many years was France's largest manufacturer of motorcycles.

Early models included an in-line four-cylinder side-valve 500cc engine, with unit gearbox and shaft drive. By the 1930s Motobecane was producing a best-selling range of motorcycles and during the immediate post-war years the company diversified into moped production, selling two wheelers under two banners: Motobecane and Mobylette. Following the creation of the MBK brand in the early eighties, scooters became the company's core business.

Over the past decade MBK scooters have played a major part in the European scooter sales boom. Market leader in France, MBK is also a best-seller in Italy with significant stakes in the German, Belgian, Swiss, Portuguese, Greek, UK, Irish, Austrian, Spanish and Finnish markets.

One of the company's more popular model range is the MBK Booster. It is sold with a 50cc or 125cc motor.


MBK or mbk may refer to:

  • MBK (Scooter manufacturer), a European company, the successor to Motobécane
  • MBK Center, a large shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand
  • MBK Tower, 72nd on the list of tallest buildings in Dubai
  • Mariestads BK, a Swedish football club
  • MBK, the initials and pen name of Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, a French-Tunisian philosopher
  • 2-Hexanone, an organic compound also known as methyl butyl ketone (MBK)
  • Maayong Buntag Kapamilya, the regional morning show of ABS-CBN Cebu in the Philippines
  • MBK, IATA code for Matupá Airport, Matupá, Brazil
  • MBK Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment agency/record label, formerly known as Core Contents Media (CCM)
  • mbk, the ISO-639 code for the Malol language of Papua New Guinea