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abbr. million barrels per day


MBD may refer to:

  • Man bites dog (journalism), a shortened version of an aphorism in journalism
  • Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution, a probability distribution in physics and chemistry
  • Member Board of Directors
  • Metabolic bone disease
  • Methyl-CpG-binding domain protein 2 a protein which bind the DNA on its methyl-CpG
  • Microsoft Business Division, responsible for making Microsoft Office
  • Minimal brain dysfunction or minimal brain damage, obsolete terms for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Model-based definition, a method of using 3D CAD information to provide product specifications
  • Model-based design, a mathematical and visual method of addressing problems associated with designing complex control, signal processing and communication systems
  • Mordechai Ben David, a Jewish singer
  • Motherboard, a computer component
  • Multibody dynamics
  • Murder by Death (band), an indie rock band
  • My Brightest Diamond, chamber rock band of Shara Worden
  • Thousand barrels per day, a measurement of production or consumption of crude oil

MBd may refer to:

  • Megabaud, equal to one million baud, symbol rate in telecommunications