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Mazin is a village in Zadar County, Croatia. It is connected by the D218 highway.

Mazin (given name)

Mazin is an Arabic given name that may refer to

  • Mazin Abu Kalal (died 2013), Iraqi politician
  • Mazin Ahmed Al-Huthayfi (born 1985), Saudi Arabian football player
  • Mazin Al-Kasbi (born 1993), Omani football player
  • Mazin Elsadig (born 1987), American actor
  • Mazin Qumsiyeh (born 1957), Palestinian scientist
  • Mazin Shooni (born 1961), Iraqi-American three-cushion billiards player
Mazin (disambiguation)

Mazin is a village in Croatia. Mazin or Mazina may also refer to

  • Mazin (given name)
  • Mazin (surname)
  • MazinSaga, a Japanese manga
  • Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter, a video game
  • Lecithocera mazina, a moth
Mazin (surname)

Mazin is a Slavic masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Mazina. It may refer to

  • Alexander Mazin (born 1959), Russian writer, poet and songwriter
  • Craig Mazin (born 1971), American screenwriter and film director
  • Maria Mazina (born 1964), Russian épée fencer
  • Viktor Mazin (born 1954), Kazakh weightlifter