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Mayra or Mäyrä may refer to:

  • Mayra Andrade (born 1985), Cape Verdean singer who lives and records in Paris, France
  • Mayra Conde (born 1969), professional Personal Trainer and mixed martial artist
  • Mayra Gómez Kemp (born 1948), movie star
  • Mayra García (born 1972), female beach volleyball player from Mexico
  • Mayra González (born 1968), female rower from Cuba
  • Mayra Huerta, (born 1970), female beach volleyball player from Mexico
  • Mayra Matos (born 1988), beauty pageant contestant from Puerto Rico
  • Mayra Montero (born 1952), Cuban-Puerto Rican writer
  • Mayra Rosales (born 1980), was one of the heaviest living people in the world
  • Mayra Santos-Febres (born 1966), Puerto Rican professor of literature, poet, novelist, and critic
  • Mayra Suarez, Mexican fashion model
  • Mayra Verónica (born 1977), Cuban-American model who worked in the United States