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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Maypop \May"pop\, n. [Perh. corrupt. fr. maracock.] (Bot.) The edible fruit of a passion flower, especially that of the North American Passiflora incarnata, an oval yellowish berry as large as a small apple.


n. A type of passionflower, purple in color ((taxlink Passiflora incarnata species noshow=1)).


n. of southern United States; having an insipid berry the size of a hen egg [syn: Passiflora incarnata]

Usage examples of "maypop".

How long did she sit there, watching the storm weave its way through the wild growth, tossing the tupelo gums and maypop vines and live oaks to and fro?

No matter the progress they made each day hacking away tupelo gums and maypop vines and elderberry trees, the thousands of acres crying for cane remained abandoned.

I wandered toward the herb shed to see if I had any maypop fruits for flavoring, my eye caught a movement at the far edge of the clearing.

Climbing rose vines ran up the porch columns, a screen of dormant maypops covered part of the porch, and a husky vine of sleeping honeysuckle spread against one wall.

Cotton carried Amanda outside and put her in the rocking chair there, next to a screen of maypops that were in full bloom of leathery purple.

The honeysuckle vine was in full, scented morning glory, filling the air along with the fragrances of cinnamon rose and clove pinks, and the purple wall of maypops dutifully shaded the porch.

The game was uneventful, however: maxillary and maypop, travel and trawlnet, scallion and Scandinavian.