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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ His wife, Lillian, was invested as mayoress.
▪ The mayoress appealed to them to drop the case and this is now being considered by the Crown Prosecution Service.
▪ The mayor, the mayoress and an obscure royal rode in the first sleek open limousine.
▪ Yesterday she and her mayoress, daughter Linda Charles, toured the school in the company of Coun Fishwick.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mayoress \May"or*ess\, n.

  1. The wife of a mayor.

  2. A woman who is mayor.


n. (feminine of mayor English) A rarely used term used for a female mayor or the wife of a male mayor.

  1. n. the wife of a mayor

  2. a woman mayor


Usage examples of "mayoress".

The door behind the row of palms and ferns was opening, and Miss Burd, in scholastic cap and gown, was ushering in the Mayor, the Mayoress, several Town Councilors and their wives, a few clergy, the head-master of the School of Art, and, to the place of honor in the middle, Sir James Hilton, the Member of Parliament for Grovebury, who was to conduct the ceremony of the afternoon.

This view received confirmation when young Mr Perse came in front to receive the Mayoress who, he informed the sparse and indifferent audience, had kindly consented to be present.

A boy then presented the Mayoress with a bouquet of chrysanthemums, there was unenthusiastic applause, and young Mr Perse returned to his place behind the scenes by way of a swing door which led to a passage which, in its turn, led to the dressing-rooms.

The Mayoress has no doubt told you of some gold, coined and uncoined, that I am leaving for George.

They asked for a week in which to decide and appointed Jarcke, who was the mayoress of Hangtown, to guide Meric to Griaule.

Lord Chancellor of the Exchequer and other Ministers, the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, all the more fashionable of the other Peers, Peeresses, and Members of Parliament, Generals, Admirals, and Mayors, with their wives.

The Lady Mayoress, sweating in her scarlet robes, had a bright yellow nose from sniffing Lady Dorothy’.

Henry', I congratulated the man warmly, 'are no longer Lady Mayoress?

What happened to my self-respect in those days when I was constantly referred to as the Lady Mayoress?

The delight of the Nobility and Gentry shorn of a bonnet which a Lady Mayoress might have sighed to wear, and arrayed in a white sheet as a spectacle of mortification and humility!