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Mayordomo or Chocolate Mayordomo is a brand of Mexican chocolate para mesa (English: "table chocolate") produced by the company Chocolate Mayordomo De Oaxaca, S. De R.L. De C.V., and based in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico. The company manufactures mole sauce in addition to table chocolate.

Unlike many other commercial chocolates, Mayordomo includes only four ingredients, sugar, roasted cacao beans, almonds and cinnamon. These ingredients are ground and blended forming a paste that is pressed into bars and discs.

Due to its undissolved granulated sugar, and its rough and gritty texture, the table chocolate is not meant to be eaten like a chocolate bar, although Mayordomo bars can be eaten out of hand. The bars and discs are primarily used to make hot cocoa in traditional Mexican form. Chocolate Mayordomo is prepared on the stove by dissolving the squares in hot milk or water, then whisking the cocoa with a molinillo or wire whisk. In Mexico, in the traditional Aztec and Mayan form, chile peppers are added to make both sweet and savory dishes.

Usage examples of "mayordomo".

The two commissioners and the mayordomo shrugged, remaining self-consciously silent.

Thus, as soon as the mayordomo on that ditch, Sparky Pacheco, discovered Seferino Pacheco was flooding his front field around the clock, he came by positively reeking with dire threats.

Guzman whispered: the alcalde, the five alguaciles, the regidores, and Don Luis Gutierrez, the mayordomo, an immense mustachioed man whose responsibility it was to maintain the masks from year to year, to rehearse the dancers and to stage the fiesta.

Elustesio, the mayordomo Don Luis, the alcalde, one of the alguaciles.

Padre es, cerrar bien todas las puertas y quedarse el solo, su Mayordomo, y su muchacho.

The mayordomo reached to help him and he twisted out of his grip and fell again.

It was certainly surprising, that the hereditary estates which brought in so large an income till within fifteen years, had so unaccountably decreased in value, and that the castellan, or mayordomo, who managed them, was continually complaining of the difficulty he found in raising from the peasantry the comparatively small sums he yearly transmitted to his master.

Then Father Joe and the Mayordomos would blow out the candles one-by-one, signifying the coming of darkness over the world at this darkest hour of night before Jesus was nailed to the cross.

She knew it must be the media people trying to push past the Mayordomos to take pictures and the Mayordomos, assisted by parishioners, attempting to keep them out.