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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It is firmly opposed to the Yeltsin government and to the Moscow mayoralty.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mayoralty \May"or*al*ty\, n. The office, or the term of office, of a mayor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., mairaltee "office of a mayor" (mid-15c. as "tenure of a mayor"), from Middle French mairalté, from maire (see mayor) + -alte, as in principalte, reformed in English as -alty.


n. The office (or term of office) of a mayor.


n. the position of mayor

Usage examples of "mayoralty".

Another alderman, Nicholas Exton, of Queenhithe Ward, had recently been removed from his aldermancy for opprobrious words used to Northampton during his first mayoralty.

La Fayette, whom this measure had left without employment, feeling keenly the diminution of his importance, and instigated by the restlessness common to men of moderate capacity, conceived the hope of succeeding Bailly in the mayoralty of Paris, which that magistrate was on the point of resigning.

Their choice fell upon John Adrian for the mayoralty, whilst Philip le Taillour and Walter le Poter were elected sheriffs.

He relates how he had been asked to retire from the Mayoralty of the Staple beyond the seas, and to give up the charters and other muniments which the several towns had obtained at considerable cost.

During the mayoralty of John Blount, Thomas le Bedelle, Robert le Bedelle, Alan Undirwoode, and Edmund May, butchers, lost their franchises, because they acknowledged that they held land in villeinage of the Bishop of London and dwelt outside the liberty.

The only vehicles allowed on the roads were those performing the work of the Mayoralty.

Daughters have succeeded fathers-or mothers, for that matter-and held Mayoralties or other high offices on any number of occasions.

Daughters have succeeded fathers--or mothers, for that matter--and held Mayoralties or other high offices on any number of occasions.

I was the power behind the throne through too many Mayoralties for anyone to believe I would permit such a phenomenon in my own administration.

Throughout his wildly successful mayoralty, Giuliani was regularly protested as “Adolf Giuliani” and portrayed with a Hitler mustache.