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Mayoon or Maiun is a village and a small region of modern farms in the high mountainous Hunza area of northern Pakistan. It lies along one of the paths of the ancient Silk Road and has long been a trade crossroads for China, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. This has led to skirmishes and battles over the centuries.

Mayoon has approximately 120 dwellings (1,000 residents) along the alpine Hunza-Nagar River. Mayoon is 218 km southwest of China by the Karakoram Highway, 150 km north of India, and less than 100 km southeast of Afghanistan. The economy is sustained by agriculture and tourism. This region of the Hunza Valley is known for its high quality water, scenic views of the nearby mountain peaks, and its advanced agriculture. Major crops include corn, wheat, mulberries, peas and assorted vegetables. The mountainous region also produces fruits including grapes, apricots, plums, and cherries.