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Mayhew may refer to:

Mayhew (surname)

Mayhew is a surname of English origin, Norman French or biblical origins.

  • Augustus Mayhew (1826-1875), English journalist and author
  • Christopher Mayhew (1915-1997), British politician
  • Cicely Mayhew (1924-2016), British diplomat
  • Clarence W. W. Mayhew (1906-1994), architect
  • David R. Mayhew (born 1937), political scientist
  • David Mayhew (racing driver) (born 1982), American racing driver
  • Diane Youdale Mayhew (born 1970), English television personality
  • Donna Mayhew (born 1960), American javelin thrower
  • Edward Mayhew (1569-1625), English Benedictine
  • Experience Mayhew (1673-1758), New England missionary
  • Helen Mayhew, British radio presenter and producer
  • Henry Mayhew (1812-1887), English social researcher and reforming journalist
  • Horace Mayhew (1845-1926), British Mining Engineer
  • John Mayhew (disambiguation)
  • Jonathan Mayhew (1720-1766), American clergyman
  • Judith Mayhew Jonas (born 1950), New Zealand-born British lawyer and academic
  • Lauren C. Mayhew (born 1985), American singer and actress
  • Matthew Mayhew (1648-1710), Governor and Chief Magistrate of Martha's Vineyard
  • Martin Mayhew (born 1965), former National Football League (NFL) player and current general manager of the NFL Detroit Lions
  • Mike Mayhew (born 1980), New Zealand Stuckist artist
  • Patrick Mayhew, Baron Mayhew of Twysden (1929-2016), British barrister and politician
  • Peter Mayhew (born 1944), English-born United States actor
  • Robert Mayhew (1880-1971), Canadian politician and diplomat
  • Sara Mayhew (born 1984), Canadian writer and graphic artist
  • Thomas Mayhew (governor) (1593-1682), Governor of Massachusetts who established the first English settlement of Martha's Vineyard in 1642
  • Mayhew Beckwith (1798-1871), merchant and politician in Nova Scotia (in present day Canada)
  • Mayhew Folger (1774-1828), American whaler who rediscovered the Pitcairn Islands