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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mayhap \May"hap\, adv. Perhaps; peradventure. [Prov. or Dialectic]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from phrase (it) may hap.


adv. (context rare English) maybe, perhaps, possibly, perchance:


adv. by chance; "perhaps she will call tomorrow"; "we may possibly run into them at the concert"; "it may peradventure be thought that there never was such a time" [syn: possibly, perchance, perhaps, maybe, peradventure]

Usage examples of "mayhap".

Mayhap six feet or so of oaken clyster will, if not truly ease you, at least serve as a counterirritant.

Mayhap her initial impression of the man as an arrogant coxcomb was entirely too harsh.

Mayhap they wished to remain behind the girl with her flock, for she was more than pretty enow to distract the attention of the guards at the gate.

Mayhap he thought I had been nigh on to throwing a fit, like some fishwife in Dover, and was gratified at my restraint.

Let me think on it: mayhap we can find him fosterage closer to us, so you can visit him more often.

One bit of malachite, looks to be solid, and mayhap Gister will pay a copper for it.

So much that was heathen, so much that was bad, was mixed up with what might seem to be simple credulity, and the harmless folk-customs of some grandam tradition and immemorial usage, a song or a country dance mayhap, innocent enough on the surface, and even pleasing, so often were but the cloak and the mask for something devilish and obscene, that the Church deemed it necessary to forbid and proscribe the whole superstition even when it manifested itself in modest fashion and seemed guileless, innoxious, and of no account.

Then mayhap he would embrace her gently, like a real man, crushing her soft body to him, and love her, his ownest girlie, for herself alone.

Through the absolute silence around there came the sound as of a gentle flutter, the current of cold air, mayhap, sighing through the ill-fitting shutters, or the soft, weird soughing made by unseen things.

Mayhap she had seen him after all, and was now swoony with concern over the size of his.

Perchance, Zaac Tepal, the contest will be between thee and me alone, and mayhap I am testing thee already.

Mayhap someday Ranuff would have achieved his goal of helping, and she would be free to let Urse de Caradeue know of her feelings.

And the leader would have spoken, mayhap to make a demand instead of fighting, except Warrick was not a passive knight.

Mayhap this be the same Amra of whose deeds we have heard - and Mayhap not.

If the Damantas have truly spared Petrich the duchan for the time, mayhap Trejaeran is right, and we can rescue him.