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Maydayrun is an annual event in England among other countries that takes place on the first bank holiday Monday in May. It is also often referred to as "MayDay Run" or "May Day run".

The event involves thousands of motorbikes taking a trip from south of London (Locksbottom, Farnborough, Kent) to Hastings Seafront (Hastings, East Sussex, TN34), coinciding with the Jack-in-the-Green festival on that day. The event has been taking place for over 34 years now and has grown in interest from around the country commercially and publicly.

The event is not an organized as such, only the police manage the traffic, and volunteers manage the parking. Hastings fills up with tourists and bikes by about 11 AM, and the A21 road from London serving Kent and the South coast is the used road which, as a result of the trip, is severely congested during the event. The often dangererous riding, speeding and overtaking by powerful bikes and the noise from illegally souped-up exhausts causes serious problems for any normal roaduser on the A21, A259 and other local roads.

An organisation associated with the even at has some confusing figures but refers to Police estimates for 2011 that event to drew 35,000 visitors and states a general biker attendance at 20,000 with 2012 drawing 58,500 people in attendance (no figure source referenced)

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