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Mayda (variously known as Maida, Mayd, Mayde, Brazir, Mam, Asmaida, Asmayda, Bentusle, Bolunda and Vlaanderen) is a non-existent island in the North Atlantic that has been shown on several published maps at various points in history. It was most often represented as being crescent-shaped and its position has varied widely over time. Early maps drew the island west of Brittany and southwest of Ireland, but it later moved towards the Americas ( Newfoundland, Bermuda, West Indies). It was shown on a Rand McNally relief map as late as 1906.

Mayda (disambiguation)

Mayda is a non-existent island in the North Atlantic Ocean. It may also refer to:

  • Mayda Insulae, an insulae (island) in the Kraken Mare on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, named after the imaginary island
  • Mayda, an 1883 novel by Srpouhi Dussap, the first novel written by an Armenian woman
  • Mayda Munny, a character in Richie Rich comics
  • Mayda Navarro, a Mexican who competed in figure skating at the 1992 Winter Olympics
  • Mayda Royero, screenwriter for the 1990 Cuban film Hello Hemingway
  • Aytaç Mayda, a Turkish footballer who plays for TKİ Tavşanlı Linyitspor