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Mayals is a suburb of Swansea, Wales. It is located about 3 miles south west of Swansea city centre. It falls within the Mayals ward and the Mumbles community council area (MCC). The ward of Mayals lies within the constituency of Swansea West, the only MCC ward not in the Gower constituency.

The suburb of Mayals consists mainly of higher value privately owned housing. Located on Clyne Common near the suburb in the area is the Craig-y-Nos School, an independent school for children, whilst the well performing Mayals Primary School lies within the area. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones once lived in the Mayals, on St Andrews Close and singer Bonnie Tyler maintains a home in Blackpill.

Much of the Mayals area is accounted for by Clyne common, upon which is the prestigious 18-hole Clyne golf club.

The renowned botanical gardens at Clyne also account for a significant amount of Mayals. The gardens include many rare, tropical and notable plans, including Britain’s largest Magnolia, and many hybrids. Notable constructions include a Japanese bridge, the Admirals Tower, Gazebo, and the neo-Gothic Victorian Church. There is also a small lake, an unused quarry, family Pet Cemetery, and many hidden and secluded areas with Victorian paving and red-brick steps. However, the most notable building of all is Clyne Castle, built in 1791 by Richard Phillips a wealthy landowner. The castle and grounds were bought by the wealthy Swansea Vivian family in 1860, who made many changes to the castle and grounds. During that time the Castle hosted many notable guests, including Adelina Patti, Neville Chamberlain, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, and King Edward VIII and later on Jon and Carys Richards. In 1952 the Castle came under the ownership of Swansea University, becoming student accommodation. In 2003 the Castle was sold to become high value luxury apartments.

There is also a smaller Mayals Park, next to Mayals Primary School which unlike Clyne, has play-facilities for children as well as a small basketball court, footpaths and streams, and an unmaintained wooded area.

In the local council elections in 2008 Mayals (electoral ward) was won by Conservative Candidate Rene Kinzett, who stood for Swansea West in the 2010 national election. In the 2012 local council elections Linda Tyler-Lloyd retained the seat for the Conservative Party after Rene Kinzett decided to stand down.

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Mayals (electoral ward)

Mayals is the name of an electoral ward of the City and County of Swansea, Wales, UK. It is also part of the Mumbles Community.

The electoral ward consists of some or all of the following geographical areas: Blackpill, Mayals and part of West Cross, in the parliamentary constituency of Swansea West. It is bounded by the wards of Sketty and Killay South to the north; Swansea Bay to the east; West Cross to the south; and Bishopston and Fairwood to the west.