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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Maximization \Max`i*mi*za"tion\, n. The act or process of increasing to the highest degree.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1802, noun of action from maximize.


n. 1 The act of raise something to its greatest value or extent. 2 (context mathematics English) The process of finding the maximum value of a function.

  1. n. the mathematical process of finding the maximum value of a function

  2. the act of raising to the highest possible point or condition or position [syn: maximisation, maximation] [ant: minimization]


Maximization or maximisation can refer to:

  • Maximization in the sense of exaggeration
  • Entropy maximization
  • Maximization (economics)
    • Profit maximization
    • Utility maximization problem
    • Budget-maximizing model
    • Shareholder value maximization
  • Maximization (psychology)
  • Optimization (mathematics)
  • Expectation-maximization algorithm (statistics)
  • Magnification
Maximization (psychology)

Maximization is a style of decision-making characterized by seeking the best option through an exhaustive search through alternatives. It is contrasted with satisficing, in which individuals evaluate options until they find one that is "good enough".

Usage examples of "maximization".

Nor does it help to offer the principle of the maximization of choice as the key to freedom.

In both its capitalist and communist variants, industrialism was a system focused on the maximization of material welfare.

It was bat-shaped and made of some light metal, and it fluttered around looking for a place to sting Bill but changing its mind so often (infinite maximization program) that Bill had plenty of time to knock the thing to the ground and stomp it to shreds.

At present, both orders and its own estimation of the proper maximization of mission goals indicated stealth tactics.

If you posit a singularity, then maximization of local computing resources – like this – as the usual end state for tool users, is it any wonder none of them ever came calling on us?