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Mawson (disambiguation)

Douglas Mawson (1882–1958) was an Australian geologist and Antarctic explorer.

Mawson may also refer to:

  • Mawson (surname)
  • Mawson Station, Antarctic base named after Douglas Mawson
  • Mawson Sea, Antarctic sea named after Douglas Mawson
  • Mawson Coast, Antarctic coast
  • Mawson's Huts, historic Antarctic site
  • Mawson Trail, cycling trail in South Australia
  • Electoral district of Mawson, electorate for the South Australian House of Assembly
  • Mawson, Australian Capital Territory, suburb in Canberra
  • Mount Mawson, mountain in the Mount Field National Park in Tasmania, Australia
  • Antarctic cod, sometimes known as Mawson's cod
Mawson (state)

Mawson (also known as Bawzaing) was a Shan state in the Myelat region of what is today Burma. Its capital was Myogyi. Its population consisted of Danu, Pa-O, and Taungyo.

Mawson (surname)

Mawson is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrew Mawson (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Douglas Mawson (1882–1958), Australian geologist and Antarctic explorer
  • Gary Mawson, American darts player
  • Joe Mawson (1905–1959), English footballer
  • Thomas Mawson, British garden designer and landscape architect