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Mawsley is a newly built village and civil parish in the Kettering borough of Northamptonshire, England. At the time of the 2011 census, the parish had a population of 2,320. Until 1 April 2004, Mawsley was part of the nearby parish of Cransley.

Mawsley was first planned in 1993 by Northamptonshire County Council, and construction began in 2001. The village is very nearly complete, with a school, doctors surgery and village hall all provided by the developers.

"Mawsley was built not far from the site of a medieval lost village of the same name, which went out of use by the 1600s." A Roman villa was found nearby, as well as other archeological evidence. In the 1940s there were still two occupied bungalows with the registered address of The Bungalows, Mawsley but these disappeared around 1950. These bungalows could be accessed vis Mawsley Lane leading from Loddington.

When the village was planned, a site was set aside for the building of a Public House. The site has recently (as of July 2006) been sold to a company to build and run the pub.

Local access to the village is via an unclassified road (known locally as the C31), which is now approved for gritting in the winter along its entire length by the local council.

A local One Stop Shop was officially opened on Saturday 8 March 2008, which is situated in Barnwell Court. A hairdresser and nursery is also in the court. With office spaces, restaurant and take away spaces still available for rent. A bistro/cafe/coffee shop called Coffee @ no. 9 is also in barnwell court.

The speed limit in the village is 20 mph.