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Mau, now known as Maunath Bhanjan, is a town located in Uttar Pradesh, India. This town is the headquarters of the Mau district.

Mau (disambiguation)

Mau may refer to:

Usage examples of "mau".

Weg vom Schlosse bis zu dem Fenster, wo er mit der Prinzessin die Mauer hinauflief, verstreut wurde.

Maus abhorred tea bags, pressure cookers, canned fruit cocktail, bottled mayonnaise, instant coffee, iceberg lettuce, monosodium glutamate, eggs poached in geometric shapes, New England boiled dinners, and anything resembling a smorgasbord, salad bar, or all-you-can-eat buffet.

Enter Stauffacher, Itel Reding, Hans auf der Mauer, Jorg im Hofe, Conrad Hunn, Ulrich der Schmidt, Jost von Weiler, and three other peasants, armed.

Rowntree Lyons Nismes--Boarding-school for girls Letter from John Rowntree Montpelier Lesengnan Maux Saverdun Toulouse Montauban--Castres Tullins--Grenoble Geneva Lausanne Neufchatel--Paul Petavel Locle Berne Basle Carlsruhe--Frankfort Accident to J.

They saw again at the Inn at Maux the man who had opposed them at Lessengnan, and found him much better disposed than he had been the day before.

Seria Mau was looking at a blank interior wall covered with ruched oyster silk.

Seria Mau was looking at a picture of a blank interior wall covered with ruched grey silk.

Jeder aus dem hellen Schwarm verlor in dem Moment, da er auf der Erde aufschlug, sein Strahlen und wurde zu einer Maus.

Mau watched him sadly as he picked up a piece of eggshell, stuthed it for a moment, then flung it over the edge.

The line chosen roughly coincides with that of the road, until the equator is reached, after which it strikes by a more direct route across the Mau plateau to the lake, which it reaches at Port Florence on Kavirondo Gulf.

The more Chelmswood thought about it, the more surprised he was that it was the Kikuyu that had begun Mau Mau rather than the Maasai.

The rent at Maus Haus was higher than he had been paying on Zwinger Street, but he told himself that the sophisticated cuisine was appropriate to his new assignment and that the cats would enjoy the bearskin rug.

About 15 of the Hell Burners crowded around as the rest of the Mau Maus came up and joined us.

The girls in their short shorts and brief halters and the boys with their black Mau Mau jackets, pointed shoes, and pointed alpine hats covered with matches and decorated in front with a silver star.

He thought of the men for whom it had been necessary to obtain passports through Maus Winzer, and the fact that each of them was a wanted man on the list of those destined for arrest and trial if caught.