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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a history/physics/maths etc lesson
▪ I've got a history lesson this afternoon.
the Biology/Maths/History etc department (=in a university or school)
▪ the Chemistry department at Southampton University
the science/maths/history etc curriculum
▪ The English curriculum is divided into Language and Literature.
▪ But ... at school less than a month ago she had lost her temper with her maths teacher.
▪ The higher sums will go to people planning to teach maths, science, technology and foreign languages at secondary schools.
▪ A helpful workshop to better understand the system being used to teach maths.
▪ As well as teaching basic literacy skills the unit also teaches maths and numeracy.
▪ For over twenty years I worked under the delusion that I was teaching maths.
pure science/maths etc
▪ Critics have argued that an excessive commercial focus will lead researchers to ignore pure science.
▪ I breezed right through the first two years of pure science courses.
▪ She was also a physicist, one of the rare female students to study pure science.
▪ The question is, will Congress pay that much for pure science, with no clear technological benefit attached?
▪ The ruthless convenience of the pure science of lust?
▪ This was to be a contribution to pure science, altogether elegant.
▪ Her hobbies are reading, maths and dancing.
▪ I mostly enjoyed art and maths but I did not like P.E. very much.
▪ Now we can do the maths.
▪ Teachers make great efforts to ensure that they do, even though the standards are demanding, particularly in maths.
▪ The higher sums will go to people planning to teach maths, science, technology and foreign languages at secondary schools.
▪ The whole thing is more dance than maths and more Ramanujan than either.
▪ Yours was the only group I ever taught maths - a stop-gap teacher for a year.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see math.


alt. (context informal Commonwealth except Canada English) (short for mathematics English) n. (context informal Commonwealth except Canada English) (short for mathematics English)


n. a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement [syn: mathematics, math]

Maths (song)

"Maths" is a single by Canadian EDM producer deadmau5. It is the first single from the album Album Title Goes Here.

Usage examples of "maths".

Sir Gerard himself, know that he is a member of the British Horological Institute, where he is highly valued for his maths and his knowledge of clocks and clock making and is due to give a paper to the members later this month--an honour not conferred on many, I understand.

Certainly Spink was, with faithful Gord at his elbow as he laboured through page upon page of maths drills, for that remained his most challenging class.

It was only in the second year that he began to improve, following the mentorship of a maths teacher.

Then I ran upstairs and I grabbed my schoolbag and I put some food for Toby in it and some of my maths books and some clean pants and a vest and a clean shirt.

Empire, the Struth language had reached the giddy heights of the purest of pure maths.

If you wanted to know about larger or greater dimensionalities, then you would have to resort to maths, to complex symbolic expressions.

And my bag had gone as well, which had Toby's food in it and my maths books and my clean pants and vest and shirt and the orange juice and the milk and the custard creams and the baked beans.

My dead mother's sister, Aunt Susan (and her husband Harry) who had reluctantly agreed to bring me up, had felt affronted, and said so bitterly and often, when my father plucked me out of the comprehensive school that had been 'good enough' for her four sons, and insisted that I take diction lessons and extra tuition in maths, my best subject, and had by one way or another seen to it that I spent five years of intensive learning in a top fee-paying school, Malvern College.

Mr Piffer and the now openly sobbing maths master got his thin body onto the stool.

Even when Mr Smarts threw my maths copy at me in science and bawled furiously, I only smiled, nodded and tuned him out.

Well, I need to actually knock together a working model to test it, refine the maths and whatnot.