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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He is not a matey deity who shines a flashlight into some dark corner of his recalcitrant universe on demand.
▪ Arrgh, matey, who could have expected finding a buried displeasure here? 12: 38&.
▪ Well matey, you'd better write to Vicky then!
▪ You're talking walk in the park, matey!
The Collaborative International Dictionary

matey \matey\ adj. having the relationship of friends or pals. [colloquial]

Syn: chummy, pally, palsy-walsy.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1833, diminutive of mate (n.) in its "male friend" sense + -y (3).


a. (context UK English) sociable or friendly. n. 1 (context informal English) (diminutive of mate English), friend. 2 (context nautical slang English) A fellow sailor; ''often used affectedly, especially as a pirate''.


adj. (used colloquially) having the relationship of friends or pals [syn: chummy, pally, palsy-walsy]


Matey may refer to:

  • Krzysztof Matey, General Director and chairman of PKP Telekom
  • Matey Kaziyski, a Bulgarian volleyball player
  • Matey Preobrazhenski, a Bulgarian Orthodox priest
  • Matey, a brand of bubble bath for children, launched in the 1950s

Usage examples of "matey".

This relative, though in ordinary circs so genial and matey, can on occasion turn in a flash into a carbon copy of a Duchess of the old school reducing an underling to a spot of grease, and what is so remarkable is that she doesn't have to use a lorgnette, just does it all with the power of the human eye.

Now, after I had spent about eleven years working on the problem at UC, I was joined by a very smart female crystallographer, and we became rather matey, and .

Terry Neill was a new stepfather, matey, jocular, dislikeable however hard he tried.

But this was Soapy Sam, leading light of the Lawyers as Christians, tied, you might say cocooned, by his marriage to Matey, the formidable nursing sister who manned the casualty room at the Old Bailey, ready with cough sweets or Elastoplasts and calming words for lawyers attacked by disappointed clients and victims of bungled attempts at suicide.