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The Collaborative International Dictionary

mated \mated\ adj.

  1. Brought together for sexual activity; bred; -- of animals.

  2. Sorted into pairs of identical size, color, or other properties; -- used of gloves, socks, etc.

    Syn: paired.

  3. Same as married. Opposite of unmarried; as, they were a devoted couple, mated for life.

  1. fitted together or interlocked v

  2. (en-past of: mate)

  1. adj. mated sexually [ant: unmated]

  2. used of gloves, socks, etc. [syn: paired]

  3. of or relating to a marriage partner

Usage examples of "mated".

The majority of our women are mated, or too young, too old, or not virgins.

This had been followed by further tales of more and more couples having sex without being mated, of total disregard for the laws.

This cursed android was almost as bad as the blue-feathered echobird mated to the Komissar.

They would be mated in every sense of the word, including the physical act.

They were, to be mated in less than two days, so this small intimacy was not out of line.

Next came Lani, adorned with blue feathers twined in her hair and her usual loinclothobviously this HV had been altered or adapted after she mated with Gunnar.

The mated males do not have much trouble providing samples, as they have more experience in the procedure.

Leors expressed such emotions, but she knew there was genuine affection between mated Leors, having witnessed it on several occasions.

But he showed it in his tenderness when they mated, in his steadfast support, in his willingness to die for her.

First he was mated to a veritable sex machine, then she scared the hell out of his food source.

And then, how could you become mated and not let me, your only living blood relative, know about it?

Her son, Vorn, would soon need a hunter to be responsible for his training, and the baby, Ona, needed a man to provide for her until she grew up and mated herself.

Her daughter was well protected and it meant the man she mated could not have a weak totem.

If something happened to Broud, or if the woman he mated produced no male offspring, the leadership of the clan would fall to her son, if she had one.

Maybe the mother was mated to the second-in-command and something happened to the leader.