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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ According to the day's briefing notes the masterwork was to be Men of Harlem something to do with his globetrotting, presumably.
▪ He is at home playing anything from symphonic masterworks to swing.
▪ Her face was large and all-but-honest; her voice was a masterwork of treachery.
▪ Not every track, of course, is a masterwork.
▪ Now she fears that her latest film, her masterwork, may threaten her ability to work there in the future.
▪ The Book of Ultimate Truths was his masterwork.
▪ Through his glass James Flemyng observed a fine exhibition of model workmen sawing and hammering industriously at his great new masterwork.

n. 1 A piece done to prove possession of skill sufficient to be ranked a master. 2 A piece of quality, indicative of having been made by a master; a masterpiece. 3 (context obsolete English) An act of primary importance. 4 (context obsolete English) A main drain or irrigation channel.

Usage examples of "masterwork".

Luczak, you are aware that it is a unique privilege to receive the masterwork of a great Bengali poet such as M.

It was to be something along the lines of the Rubaiyat, but without the gentle melancholy and bitter undertone of that hedonistic masterwork.

Surely he must have, for they merited an entire subchapter in his masterwork.

The first is Borra Chambo's prelude to his masterwork, Dissolution by Self-Intention.

The first is Borra Chambo’s prelude to his masterwork, Dissolution by Self-Intention.

In the morning, “Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael: Masterworks in the Louvre‘, and in the afternoon, ”Giorgione’s Concert Champetre and Titian’s Laura Dianti: The Cinquecento in Venice’, all to be accompanied by slides illuminating points of brushwork and technique.

In this remarkable novel full of unforgettable characters, the last hurrah becomes a poignant and seething masterwork.

The resulting roar from the elderly engines as the cars accelerated from the starting line excited the crowd in the stands, and they shouted and applauded, urging on the beautiful but monstrous masterworks of mechanical art to higher speeds.