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Martyre (disambiguation)

Martyre (disambiguation) may refer to:

  • Martyre, a music album released in 2000 by the band Saturnus
  • La Martyre, a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in northwestern France

Martyre is the second full-length album released by doom metal band Saturnus.

Usage examples of "martyre".

Rue Clauzel was a one block street connecting the Rue des Martyres and the Rue Henri Monnier.

Christians have been martyred for their faith in this century than in the previous 1900 years combined.

Yet these new Christians will not take the mark of the beast, and most will be martyred for their faith in Jesus.

Christian martyr, and of the martyred Archbishop of Canterbury, Aelfheah.

Other Norman-French poems were written in England on the rebellion, on the conquest of Ireland, on the life of the martyred Thomas--poems which threw off the formal rules of the stilted Latin fashion, and embodied the tales of eye-witnesses with their graphic brief descriptions.

Holy Orders than a boy of thirteen: a richly illuminated Book of Hours, a rosewood and silver crucifix worthy of a cathedral chapel, a relic of the martyred Saint Willim sealed in a crystal reliquary, and from Hubert, a starkly functional silver chalice and paten and a chasuble of creamy wool, surprisingly plain compared to the other gifts.

German-looking spot in martyred France as he has made of the insulted hillock!

They call out for you and your martyred son as if you are deities who can protect them, then hurl themselves upon the thinking machines.

One of the first preachers of Lutheranism in Scotland was a Frenchman named La Tour, who was martyred on his return to his own country.

Where martyred heroes rest, He wins the most who honor saves -- Success is not the test.

Over the years the chief Sorceress had seen a great many of her surrogate daughters march off to their deaths, martyring themselves in order to score important victories against the horrific cymeks.