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''' Marre ''' is a commune in the Meuse department in Lorraine in north-eastern France.

Marre (surname)

Marre is a surname which may refer to:

  • Sir Alan Marre (1914–1990), British civil servant
  • Albert Marre (1924–2012), American stage director and producer
  • Hap Marre (early 20th century), American soccer player
  • Jeremy Marre, British television director
  • John Marre (early 20th century), American soccer player, team owner and executive
  • Yves Marre, French entrepreneur, inventor and adventurer

Usage examples of "marre".

Though they were not far from her homethe home of all Rappaa gigantic cavern deep within the bowels of the Djenn Marre, Thigpen had never been in this chamber before, never even knew of its existence.

Abbey of Floating White was a spectral stone edifice, with nine slender minarets topped by silver-leaf domes, rising from the bedrock of the Djenn Marre like the very hand of the Great Goddess Miina.

They helped feed and clothe the castoffs, undesirables, and petty criminals excised from Kundalan society, who lived high in the icebound reaches of the Djenn Marre under crushing physical conditions.

They had directed her northwest, flying higher into the Djenn Marre, then due west, over the extreme northwestern triangle of the dense Borobodur forest to a great whitish slab of rock known as Receive Tears Ridge.

At their backs, to the north and northeast, rose the high ragged tors of the Djenn Marre, brooding amidst constantly fulminating clouds.

The bronze sun beat down, but to the north clouds built against the towering citadel of the Djenn Marre, and thunder commenced to rumble in the far distance, echoing through the ice-gripped interstices between the mountains.

They were obliged at times to hold on to the whiplike trunks of immature Marre pines huddled in patches on the stony slope.

She made her way through the trees, trying to avoid the slickest patches of iced Marre pine needles.

He tilled small plots of soil, reclaimed from bedrock and tenacious scrub, for the high hills of the Djenn Marre were generally inhospitable to farming.

Above her, the Djenn Marre continued their torturous ascent, thrusting, so it seemed, into the very heart of the heavens.

High in the Djenn Marre foothills in the far northwest quadrant of the Borobodur forest.

Then she rebandaged it with the cloth from her tunic and piled the Marre pine needles over him.

Putting her back against the bole of a Marre pine, she closed her eyes.

The dense forest of West Country Marre pine cut the wind into innocuous puffs that soughed through the needle-laden branches, causing them to dip and sway like the wavelets of a becalmed sea.

Once again, the forest closed about them, but now the Marre pines were interspersed with hard-needled, bluish green kuello-fir, and the rocks held more moss and lichen.