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Although motor vehicles were now quite common in and about the Yards, Marlet and many other Technos still preferred the horse-drawn camages that Trebbly and his contemporaries had used.

Orwell Cadin, a thoroughly competent man whose abilities and frame of mind more than served to quiet any guilt feelings Marlet might have had.

In fact, Marlet became almost proud of his service to the nation, and secretly shared the credit that Cadin received for restoring a business-like atmosphere to the Yards.

Dennis Hale, Head of the Armories, and Marlet half-hoped that this powerful official had heard of his patriotic deed and appreciated its import.

However, one can learn nothing of any successes that Marlet might have encountered at the Armories, for when he left the Techno riverboat at Kelph and boarded a coach for his new post, he vanished from human chronicles entirely.

XVIII Aside from the engines, the most puzzling thing that emerges is the fact that Marlet could disappear so completely into an arm of his own Government.

A trio of marlets, their white rumps flashing, raced through a small wood and broke into the open.

Now, he galloped after the marlets, bounding ahead with long ground-eating strides, his nose stretched eagerly forward.

The marlets darted and zigzagged, leaping stiff-legged across a rocky gully, then scrambled their way into a field of waist-high grain waving golden under the autumn sky.