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Markku may refer to:

  • Markku Alén (born 1951), Finnish former rally and race car driver
  • Markku Aro (born 1950), Finnish singer who performed on Eurovision contest in 1971
  • Markku Huhtamo (born 1946), Finnish actor
  • Markku Into (born 1945), legend of Finnish poetry, member in Finnish 1960s underground movement of Turku
  • Markku Kanerva (born 1964), Finnish football manager and former player
  • Markku Kivinen (born 1951), professor of sociology and a director of the Aleksanteri Institute
  • Markku Komonen (born 1945), Finnish architect
  • Markku Koski (born 1981), professional snowboarder from Sievi, Finland
  • Markku Kukkoaho (born 1946), Finnish sprinter
  • Markku Kyllönen (born 1962), retired professional ice hockey player
  • Markku Laakso (born 1978), Finnish conductor
  • Markku Lehmuskallio (born 1938), Finnish film director, cinematographer and screenwriter
  • Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, Finnish baroque cellist and viol player
  • Markku Niinimäki, Finnish Paralympian athlete competing mainly in category F54 shot putt and javelin events
  • Markku Pölönen (born 1957), Finnish film director, screenwriter, editor, owner of film production company Suomen Filmiteollisuus
  • Markku Peltola (1956–2007), Finnish actor and musician
  • Markku Pusenius (born 1964), Finnish ski jumper who competed from 1981 to 1986
  • Markku Salminen (1946–2004), Finnish orienteering competitor
  • Markku Slawyk (born 1962), former field hockey player from West Germany
  • Markku Taskinen (born 1952), Finnish runner
  • Markku Toikka (born 1955), Finnish stand-up comedian and actor
  • Markku Tuokko (born 1951), retired Finnish discus thrower and shot putter
  • Markku Uusipaavalniemi (born 1966), Finnish curler and politician