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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Mariotte (crater)

Mariotte is an elongated crater that is located on the far side of the Moon. This formation is located about one crater diameter to the southwest of the smaller Das. This crater is longer to the southeast by about an extra 5 km, giving this feature an egg-shaped outline. The outer rim is sharp-edged and little eroded. The interior floor is uneven, particularly toward the southeastern end. To the southeast of Mariotte is the large crater Chebyshev.


Mariotte may refer to:

  • Antoine Mariotte (1875–1944), French composer
  • Edme Mariotte (c. 1620–1684), French physicist and priest
  • Jeff Mariotte (born 1955), American author
  • Mariotte (crater), a lunar crater
  • French submarine Mariotte

Usage examples of "mariotte".

Seeing this lad, Mariotte removed her stool to the great hall for the purpose of talking with him by the gleam of his rush-light, which was burned at the cost of his rich and miserly mistress, thus economizing those of her own masters.

The three women, mother, aunt, and Mariotte, shared in the tender feminine wiliness, which taught them to make much of Calyste when he dined at home.

Mademoiselle Zephirine had ordered the best wine to be brought from the cellar, and Mariotte had surpassed herself in her Breton dishes.

Sabine, assisted by Mariotte and Gasselin, invented various little vaudeville schemes to ascertain the dishes which Madame de Rochefide served to Calyste.

Thus we speak of the law of gravity, of the conservation of energy, the Laws of Charles and Mariotte regarding gaseous bodies, zoological laws, physiological, and psychological laws.

Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego was established in May 1993, by Terry Gilman, Jeff Mariotte, and Maryelizabeth Hart.

Last year Monsieur Mariotte, of Auxerre, urged by the commissioner of domains, did attempt to compete with Gaubertin.

Martin, Andy Mangels, Jeff Mariotte, Margaret Wander Bonanno, and especially the ones on either side of me, David R.