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Marinette, WI -- U.S. city in Wisconsin
Population (2000): 11749
Housing Units (2000): 5553
Land area (2000): 6.758339 sq. miles (17.504017 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 1.203950 sq. miles (3.118217 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 7.962289 sq. miles (20.622234 sq. km)
FIPS code: 49300
Located within: Wisconsin (WI), FIPS 55
Location: 45.091983 N, 87.628714 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 54143
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Marinette, WI
Marinette -- U.S. County in Wisconsin
Population (2000): 43384
Housing Units (2000): 26260
Land area (2000): 1401.757110 sq. miles (3630.534095 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 148.316513 sq. miles (384.137988 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1550.073623 sq. miles (4014.672083 sq. km)
Located within: Wisconsin (WI), FIPS 55
Location: 45.307094 N, 87.940118 W
Marinette, WI
Marinette County
Marinette County, WI
Marinette (Vodou)

In her Petro form she is called Marinette Bras Cheche / Marinette Bwa Chech (Marinette of the Dry Arms) or Marinette Pied Cheche (Marinette of the Dry Feet) suggesting that she is skeletal.

She is believed to be the Mambo who sacrificed the black pig at the culmination of the start of the first Haitian Revolution. While she is feared and tends to ride those she possesses violently, she can also be seen as one who frees her people from bondage.

Marinette is represented by a screech owl and is often seen as the protector of werewolves. Her Catholic counterpart is the Anima Sola ( Forsaken Soul) who can either free one from bondage or drag you back. Her colors are black and deep blood red. Her offerings are black pigs and black roosters plucked alive.

Mambo Marinette is not cruel. She only gets cruel in possession, when people burn animals or humans. Her colors are red and black. She likes Salvia, black pepper, lavender and sweets.


Marinette may refer to:

  • Marinette, Arizona, a ghost town in Maricopa County
  • Marinette, Nova Scotia, a community of the Halifax Regional Municipality in Canada
  • Marinette, Wisconsin, a city in Wisconsin bordering Michigan
  • Marinette County, Wisconsin, the county in the northeast corner of Wisconsin
  • Marinette, a slang word used for United States female Marines during World War I
  • Marinette Yachts, a line of motor yachts built by Aluminum Cruisers Inc. until 1991
  • Marinette (Vodou), a cruel and vicious loa in Haitian Vodou
  • Marinette Pichon (born in 1975), a French football player
  • USS Marinette (YTB-791), a 1967 large harbor tug

Usage examples of "marinette".

It shouldn’t be too difficult to locate the beauty salon where Marinette Augier works.

He works for an insurance company, and Marinette sometimes used to phone him at his office.

If Marinette had taken the early train, she could have been at her parents’ home by now.

A bloody and unsteady Marinette Bois-Chèche in the avatar of Chalice Delacroix staggered out the front door of the BioWeb building.

The voice belonged to Marinette Bois-Chèche: now I dared not hesitate nor turn back.

With Marinette Bois-Chèche invoked and what appeared to be the pending sacrifice of a black goat we were seriously into the realm of "Left-handed Voodoo,"

Instead I stood my ground, wrestling with the problem of Katarina Beneczky and Marinette Bois-Chèche.

I could remain defiant and see just how high Marinette could ratchet up the grief-o-meter.

Now I'm supposed to believe that you're Marinette Bois-Chèche, the Queen Bitch of the Voodoo pantheon.