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vb. (en-past of: marinate)

Usage examples of "marinated".

If anything, the marinated beef scrips were even more tender and tasty than the steaks and stew served at the Guest House.

         My search for Abbas, who I hadn't seen since the evening he marinated Spam with lemon juice, led me to the Valley of Sleep Funeral Home and Burial Park, near the Goddard Space Flight Center.

And yet Leaphorn had trouble putting into the picture the woman who marinated the beef and prepared the dinner so lovingly.

When it was over he marinated in pleasure for a time, thinking, this is contentment, now are the demons of the day exorcized, my tension soothed, my fear eased.

She marinated in bliss and despair, until they distilled down to joy and melancholy.

She sat, skimmed her gaze over the dish of marinated mushrooms a silent servant placed before her.

It was an art in itself, firetails marinated in the liqueurs of Serela and stuffed with dauflin, grilled to perfection so that each bite melted…"