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Maries -- U.S. County in Missouri
Population (2000): 8903
Housing Units (2000): 4149
Land area (2000): 527.727871 sq. miles (1366.808854 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 2.245704 sq. miles (5.816347 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 529.973575 sq. miles (1372.625201 sq. km)
Located within: Missouri (MO), FIPS 29
Location: 38.148173 N, 91.899426 W
Maries, MO
Maries County
Maries County, MO

Maries is a mountain settlement on Zakynthos island, Greece. The village itself is named after both Mary Magdalene and Mary of Klopas. Traditional stories tell of Mary Magdalene having dropped anchor at Porto Vromi in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. A footprint believed to belong to Mary Magdalene is shown on one of the rocks on the shore. There exists a 15th-century three-aisled church dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

Usage examples of "maries".

It was a pity, she had said to her Maries, that their mothers had not been queens, for it would have been fun to have a large family living about her even though she was so much younger.

Lady Fleming shut herself in her apartment and the five Maries heard her sobbing bitterly.

At first there was much she missed, but it was not long before her four Maries arrived on the island to bear her company.

Her curiosity had to be satisfied, and she and the four Maries could not be content until they had wheedled the secret from Lady Fleming.

Wherever I go, said Mary to herself, I shall take my four Maries with me.

With them were the four Maries -now very solemn and demure in their heavy capes.

Mary stood with Lady Fleming, her three brothers and the four Maries, watching the land as they approached it.

Everyone was telling her that the most important thing in the world was the power of the Guises, and as she played with her Maries she could not completely forget it.

He sent her four Maries to her to compensate her for the loss of her husband.

While her Maries helped her to disrobe she talked excitedly of the way in which they would refurnish these apartments.

That day she announced her desire to hear Mass in the chapel and, dressed in black velvet and accompanied by her Maries, she was making her way there when she heard the sounds of shouts and screams.

Could it be true as her Maries suggested that her native land was more beneficial to her health than France had been?

She called her Maries to her, and they fell to discussing the music for the wedding.

This, my dearest sister, was a plot on your life which your faithful Maries have foiled.

The Maries discussed the newcomer while they undressed their mistress.