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Marien may refer to:

  • Domkirche St. Marien (English: St. Mary's Cathedral), the modern Roman Catholic cathedral in Sankt Georg, Hamburg, Germany
  • Mariendom (Hamburg) (English: St. Mary's Cathedral), the ancient cathedral in Altstadt, Hamburg, Holy Roman Empire, demolished between 1804 and 1807
  • Mariendom, (English: St. Mary's Cathedral), the Roman Catholic cathedral of Speyer, Palatinate, Germany
  • Frank Marien (1890–1936), Australian editor of Smith's Weekly
  • Hanna Mariën (born 1982), Belgian sprinter who specializes in the 200 metres
  • Joseph Marien (1900–1950), Belgian Olympic runner
  • Léopold Marien (born 1934), former Belgian decathlete
  • Marcel Mariën (1920–1993), Belgian surrealist (later Situationist), poet, essayist, photographer, collagist, filmmaker
  • Marien Ngouabi (or N'Gouabi) (1938–1977), the military President of the Republic of the Congo from 1969 to 1977
  • Marien Ngouabi University, the only state-funded university in the Republic of Congo
  • Marien Tailhandier, (1665–1738), soldier-surgeon after his arrival in Canada in 1685
  • Robert Marien (born 1956), Québécois (Canadian) actor, singer, and songwriter
  • Rudi Mariën, Belgian scientist and businessman
  • Saint-Marien, commune in the Creuse department in central France
  • Sankt Marien, municipality in the district Linz-Land in Upper Austria, Austria
  • Stade Joseph Marien, multi-use stadium in Brussels, Belgium, named after the sports administrator Joseph Marien (d. 1933)