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Marie-Claire is a given name. It is a combination of the names Marie and Claire, which are both of French origin. It may refer to:

  • Marie-Claire Alain (1926–2013), organist and organ teacher
  • Marie-Claire Baldenweg (born 1954), contemporary artist
  • Marie-Claire Blais (born 1939), author and playwright
  • Marie-Claire Cremers, better known as Amber (born 1970), Dutch-German singer-songwriter
  • Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo, singer
  • Marie-Claire Foblets, Belgian lawyer and anthropologist
  • Marie-Claire Houart, civil servant
  • Marie-Claire Heureuse Félicité (1758–1858), Empress of Haiti
  • Marie-Claire Kirkland (1924–2016), judge and politician
  • Marie-Claire Restoux (born 1968), judoka
  • the nom de guerre of Mary Lindell, Comtesse de Milleville, a prominent resistance agent in Nazi-occupied France