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Marie-Christine (given name)

Marie-Christine may refer to:

  • Marie-Christine Adam (born 1950), French actress
  • Marie-Christine Arnautu (born 1952), French Member of the European Parliament for the National Front
  • Marie Christine of Austria, Duchess of Teschen (1742–1798), fifth child of Maria Theresa of Austria and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Marie-Christine Barrault (born 1944), French actress who has appeared in over forty feature films
  • Princess Marie-Christine of Belgium (born 1951), member of the Belgian Royal Family
  • Marie Christine Björn (1763–1837), Danish ballerina and actor
  • Marie-Christine Blandin (born 1952), member of the Senate of France, representing the Nord department
  • Marie Christine of Savoy, Blessed (1812–1836), the first Queen consort of Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies
  • Marie Christine de Bourbon (1806–1878), Queen consort of Spain (1829 to 1833) and Regent of Spain (1833 to 1840)
  • Marie-Christine Brignole (1737–1813), the daughter of a Genovese nobleman
  • Marie-Christine Cazier (born 1963), retired French sprinter, who specialized in the 200 meters
  • Marie Christine Chilver (1920–2007), also known by the codename Agent Fifi, British secret agent in World War II
  • Marie-Christine Dalloz (born 1958), member of the National Assembly of France
  • Marie-Christine Deurbroeck (born 1957), retired female long-distance runner from Belgium
  • Marie-Christine Gessinger (1992–2010), Austrian fashion model who died in a car accident at the age of 17
  • Marie Christine de Pardaillan de Gondrin (1663–1675), daughter of Françoise de Rochechouart de Mortemart and the Marquis of Montespan
  • Marie Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida (Princess Michael of Kent) (born 1945), member of the British Royal Family
  • Marie Christine Kohler (1876–1943), member of the Kohler family of Wisconsin, well known for her philanthropic deeds
  • Marie-Christine Koundja (born 1957), Chadian writer and diplomat
  • Marie-Christine de Lalaing, daughter of Count Charles II of Lalaing and Marie de Montmorency-Nivelle
  • Marie Christine Felizitas of Leiningen-Dagsburg-Falkenburg-Heidesheim (1692–1734), German noblewoman member of the House of Leiningen
  • Marie-Christine Lombard (born 1958), French business executive
  • Marie-Christine Schmidt (born 1986), Canadian sprint kayaker
  • Marie Christine Schneider (1952–2011), French actress, known as Maria Schneider
  • Marie-Christine Vergiat (born 1956), community organizations' activist and a French politician