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Marcotte is a French surname, it may refer to:

  • Amanda Marcotte (born 1977), American blogger
  • Arthur Marcotte (1873–1958), Canadian lawyer and political figure
  • Bruno Marcotte (born 1974), Canadian figure skater and coach
  • Charles Marcotte (1844–1901), Canadian notary and political figure
  • Don Marcotte (born 1947), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Edward Marcotte, American professor of biochemistry
  • François Arthur Marcotte (1866–1931), Canadian physician and political figure
  • Michael J. Marcotte (born 1958), American politician
  • Pierre-Léandre Marcotte (1837–1899), Canadian farmer and political figure
  • Michael (Mike) Marcotte (born 1971), American technology leader

Usage examples of "marcotte".

Duval Marcotte, the New Orleans business magnate, should have been enough to put her off for good.

Besides, Marcotte had gotten what he wanted back when, so what would be the point of dragging out the game?

The question was: If Marcotte was involved, was the murder a result of that involvement or was his involvement a byproduct of the crime?

Marcotte in his bed, but that would have given Marcotte too good an excuse to shoot him or have him shot as an intruder.

And if Donnie had contacted Marcotte after the fact, that took Marcotte out of the loop for the murder.

The spectre of Marcotte loomed in the shadows at the periphery of the case.

Nick had dreamed of punishing Marcotte for it, but there was no way of doing it without corrupting himself.

The possibility that Marcotte had been involved from the start pleased him even less.

Donnie Bichon was in cahoots with Marcotte, who was in cahoots with the mob.

But just enough of the old obsession had remained to pull him back across that line, and now Marcotte would be drooling at the edge of his sanctuary like a wolf biding his time.

Henry Marcotte, retired, the correspondent of the Army and Navy Journal, requested permission to accompany the detachment, which was granted, and soon all were en route for the front, entrusted with the task of opening the way for wheeled transportation and of demonstrating the practicability of the road for army wagons and field artillery.

On the 27th of June, Captain Marcotte and the detachment commander made a reconnaissance of a high hill to the left of Camp Wheeler, and, having gained the top, reconnoitered the city of Santiago and its surrounding defenses with a powerful glass, and as a result reported to Gen.

Henry Marcotte, 17th Infantry, retired, regularly authorized correspondent of the Army and Navy Journal, who has been with me ever since, enduring all the vicissitudes of the season with Spartan fortitude, although equally destitute of cover as myself and 60 years of age.

Theory and Practice of Artillery and Machine Gun The Problem Presented to this Detachment Personnel of the Detachment Roster on July 1st Captain Marcotte Oil for an Army Futile Plans CHAPTER VII .

Fred Marcotte, the staffs of the Ypsilanti Area Public Library and the Lincoln Library of Springfield, Illinois-all took the time to provide the obvious answer or help track down the elusive fact.