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Marano as a surname has noble Italian origin, derives from last name Marani of Vicenza that came to Naples in the 16th century with Francesco Antonio buried in the church of Sant'Antonelli to Caponapoli in the ancient center of Naples city. Afterwards succeed to Francesco Antonio, Domenico, baron of the Preturo in 1591; Nicola with decree of the Gran Court on December 11, 1691 inherited all the properties of family and getting the title of marquis of Petruro on May 28, 1695 in Madrid; Alexander Marano was last marquis of the Petruro in the 19th century.

Marano (river)

The Marano is a river in San Marino and Emilia–Romagna in Italy. The source of the river is southeast of Domagnano in San Marino. The river flows east and it forms part of the eastern border between the province of Rimini in Italy and San Marino. The river joins with the Fiumicello close to the easternmost point of San Marino. The river flows northeast past Ospedaletto and into the Adriatic Sea northwest of Riccione and southeast of Miramare. The Marano's tributaries include the Cando River.

Usage examples of "marano".

She knew better, of course, but knew also that no suitor was grand enough to take her from the clan Marano, whether she wished it or no.

You must lead me to the young man before he decides that Marano is not a suitable clan to make such a petition of.

Teresa thought, as Lissa practically scurried across the great room, decorum forgotten, to save Marano this assumed loss.

All of his effort, all of his power, all of his finely honed knowledge would serve Marano, and therefore, Adano.

Adano cannot lead Marano where I could have led it, had I been born first.

I tell you, Sendari, that if we so dare, our children will not be of Marano or Marente.

You would have knowledge of Marano that would damage us greatly should you choose to reveal it at the wrong time, or to the wrong person.

Do not hinder me, or the clan Caveras will never again tend a Marano, on the field or off it, for as long as either clan lives.

It would have weakened Marano to lose you, and I did not think that the loss was worth the risk.

The Serra Diora, boxed in on all sides by the confines of a garden far finer than any the Marano clan had ever owned, breathed freely for the first time that day.

For both Marente and Marano sought power by means that were forbidden the clans when Leonne cast down the Allasakari, burning in a brilliant light the last of the shadows the Lord of Night had cast upon the land.

Teresa herself had not known it until the night that a lone seraf had come to her, in darkness, praying that all of the rumors that surrounded the unmarried Marano sister were true.

Serra Diora, is of Marano, and she is blood of my blood, and she is wholly mine by birth, and no other clan has lawful claim to her.

Garrardi clan by birth and blood, and that Marano shall exert no claim to such offspring.

Siegel, Marano, Lopez, Valada, Nawrocki, and seven other combat-ready veterans snapped to instant attention.