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n. 1 A number of different fish of the Pacific Ocean 2 # '''' 3 # '''' 4 # ''''


Maomao may refer to any of at least three different species of fish:

  • Blue maomao, Scorpis violacea.
  • Banded damselfish, Abudefduf abdominalis.
  • Pink maomao, Caprodon longimanus.

Maomao may also refer to the Mandarin slang term for Giant panda.

Usage examples of "maomao".

Deng Maomao, and others close to him had encouraged the 1992 tour of the Special Economic Zones out of concern for his legacy.

Although she was close to her father, Deng Maomao acknowledges that he was tightlipped about his childhood, and she was forced to rely on indirect sources.