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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Maoism \Maoism\ prop. n. A form of communism developed in China by Mao Zedong.


Mao Zedong Thought , or Maoism, is a political theory derived from the teachings of the Chinese political leader Mao Zedong (1893–1976). Its followers, known as Maoists, consider it an anti-Revisionist form of Marxism–Leninism. Developed from the 1950s until the Deng Xiaoping reforms in the 1970s, it was widely applied as the guiding political and military ideology of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and as theory guiding revolutionary movements around the world. The essential difference between Maoism and other forms of Marxism is that Mao claimed that peasants should be the essential revolutionary class in China, because, contrary to their industrial working "comrades," they were more suited to establishing a successful revolution and socialist society in China.

Maoism (Third Worldism)

Maoism (Third Worldism) (often stylized as Maoism-Third Worldism or simply MTW), not to be confused with Third Worldism generally, is a broad tendency which is mainly concerned with the infusion and synthesis of Marxism—particularly of the Marxist–Leninist–Maoist persuasion—with concepts of non-Marxist Third Worldism, namely dependency theory and world-systems theory.

There is no general consensus on part of Maoist-Third Worldists as a whole. However, the majority of proponents typically argue for the centrality of anti-imperialism to the victory of global communist revolution, as well as against the idea that the working class in the "First World" is majority- exploited (sometimes arguing that it experiences no exploitation at all), and therefore, it is not a part of the international proletariat.

Usage examples of "maoism".

Maclntyre is sowing religious division in the ranks, practicing rituals involving animal cruelty or non-consensual sexual acts, preaching Market Maoism or New Republicanism or otherwise aiding and abetting the Chinks or the Yanks, I warn you most seriously to not waste your time or mine.

Tanzania, and modeled partly after Chinese Maoism, partly after British Fabianism.

Stalinism and Maoism were, Wittfogel later inferred, Pharaonic in their application of terror, Pharaonic in the architectural grandeur of their personality cults, and Pharaonic in their emphasis on massive public works projects—.