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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Manufactory \Man`u*fac"to*ry\, a. Pertaining to manufacturing.


Manufactory \Man`u*fac"to*ry\, n.; pl. -ries. [Cf. L. factorium an oil press, properly, place where something is made. See Manufacture.]

  1. Manufacture. [Obs.]

  2. A building or place where anything is manufactured; a factory.


a. (context obsolete English) Relating to manufacture. (18th-19th c.) n. 1 A manufacturing process; a particular industry or part of an industry. (from 17th c.) 2 A plant where something is manufactured; a factory. (from 17th c.)


n. a plant consisting of buildings with facilities for manufacturing [syn: factory, mill, manufacturing plant]

Usage examples of "manufactory".

A manufactory for making candied roots of the Sea Holly was established at Colchester, by Robert Burton, an apothecary, in the seventeenth century, as they were considered both antiscorbutic, and excellent for health.

Beside the Thames the stink of the silt mixed with the sweeter exhalations of the molasses, sugar and rum in the jumble of decrepit storehouses and manufactories that pressed up from the quays, together with the acrid tangs of the sea-wrack and snails exposed by the ebbing tide.

Forum Romanum, Velabrum, Circus Maximus, Forums Boarium and Holitorium, the whole of the Sacra Via out to the Servian Walls and the manufactories of the Vicus Fabricii drowned.

At one time, Harry decided, the silverware manufactory must have been all that the town possessed.

It might be, indeed, that their only intention was to obtain fresh water from the Mercy, and it was not impossible that the bridge, thrown across a mile and a half from the mouth, and the manufactory at the Chimneys might escape their notice.

Stratton took up residence in London and secured a position as a nomenclator at Coade Manufactory, one of the leading makers of automata in England.

The American Civil War Centennial had bred a thriving market for shooting reproductions of nineteenth-century caplock weaponsranging up from Philadelphia derringers to full-size field cannonand his firm had sent him over to try to strike a deal with certain of his contacts in the Italian arms manufactories involving production of these reproduction weapons at a cost less than that charged to them by American arms companies, with their millstones of higher overheads and production costs, and grasping, predatory unions.

The tour lasted a fortnight, and we stopped at five iron and copper manufactories.

By the help of his business connections and by investing a large amount of property in the concern, Graslin made it one of the finest manufactories of Limoges ware in the town.

Crassus was now in a position to help his friend Lucius Piso as well as young Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus, the heir to the Servilius Caepio manufactories in Feltria, Cardianum, Bellunum.

In the neighbourhood of King-teh-chin, in Kiangsi, at the outbreak of the Taiping rebellion, more than one million workmen were employed in the porcelain manufactories.

Retort coal, that is to say, the hard graphite which is found in the retorts of gas manufactories, after the coal has been dehydrogenized, could have been obtained, but it would have been necessary to establish a special apparatus, involving great labor.

When we arrived at Derby, Dr. Butter accompanied us to see the manufactory of china there.

Royal Manufactory at York, which turned out new and innovative firearms and stronger blends of gunpowder for the Royal Army, delighting King Arthur and utterly confounding the machinations of his enemies.

Forum Romanum, Velabrum, Circus Maximus, Forums Boarium and Holitorium, the whole of the Sacra Via out to the Servian Walls and the manufactories of the Vicus Fabricii drowned.