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Manolo, a form of Manuel (name), is a male given name which may refer to:


  • Manolo Badrena (born 1952), Puerto Rican percussionist
  • Manolo Blahnik (born 1942), Spanish fashion designer of shoes known as Manolos
  • Manolo Caracol (1909–1973), Spanish flamenco artist
  • Manolo Cardona (born 1977), Colombian actor
  • Manolo Escobar (born 1932), Spanish singer of "Y Viva España"
  • Manolo García (born 1955), Spanish singer and painter
  • Manuel Gaspar Haro (born 1981), Spanish footballer
  • Manolo (sculptor), real name Manuel Martinez Hugué (1872-1945), Catalan sculptor
  • Manolo Lama (born 1962), Spanish radio sportscaster
  • José Manuel Martínez Toral (born 1960), Spanish footballer also known as Manolo
  • Manolo Millares (born 1926), Spanish painter
  • Manolo Noriega, real name Manuel Noriega Ruiz (1880–1961), Mexican actor
  • Manolo Poulot Ramos (born 1974), Cuban judoka
  • Manolo Rivera Morales (1934–1996), Puerto Rican sportscaster
  • Manolo Saiz (born 1959), Spanish professional road bicycle team manager
  • Manolo (footballer), real name Manuel Sánchez Delgado (born 1965), from Spain
  • Manolo Sanchís, real name Manuel Sanchís Hontiyuelo (born 1965), Spanish footballer
  • Manolo Sanlúcar (born 1945), Spanish flamenco composer
  • Manolo el del bombo (born 1949), Spanish football fan


  • Manolo Fortich, a municipality in the province of Bukidnon in the Mindanao Island of the Philippines

Fictional characters:

  • Manolito's father, don Manolo, in the Mafalda comic strip
  • Manolo or Manny Ribera, from the 1983 film Scarface
  • Manolo Sanchez, a character in the 2014 animated film, The Book of Life
Manolo (footballer)

Manuel Sánchez Delgado (born 17 January 1965), known as Manolo, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a striker.

Over the course of ten seasons he amassed La Liga totals of 292 games and 96 goals, mainly with Atlético Madrid, with which he won two major titles. He also competed in the category with Murcia.

Manolo represented Spain at the 1990 World Cup.

Manolo (sculptor)

Manuel Martinez Hugué, better known simply as Manolo (29 April 1872 – 17 November 1945), was a Catalan Spanish sculptor in the noucentisme movement. Although a friend of Pablo Picasso, his style was much closer to that of Aristide Maillol.