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Mánnu is an album by the Finnish folk music group Angelit, released in 1999 in Finland. The word "Mánnu" means the moon. This was the first album of new material they produced after changing their name from Angelin tytöt to Angelit in 1997.

A video recording was made of a live performance of Gárkit.

Mannu (disambiguation)

Mannu may refer to:

  • Mannu (English: The Soil), a 1978 Malayalam film
  • Mánnu (English: The Moon), a 1999 album by the Finnish folk music group Angelit
  • Vilda Mánnu, the second album by Finnish band Eternal Tears of Sorrow
  • Mannu Bhandari (born 1931), Indian author, wrote Hindi novels, Aapka Banti and Mahabhoj
  • Capo Mannu, promontory in Sardinia, Italy
  • Flumini Mannu, river in southern Sardinia, Italy