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Manganese oxide

Manganese oxide is any of a variety of manganese oxides and hydroxides. This includes:

  • Manganese(II) oxide, MnO
  • Manganese(II,III) oxide, MnO
  • Manganese(III) oxide, MnO
  • Manganese dioxide, (manganese(IV) oxide), MnO
  • Manganese(VI) oxide, MnO
  • Manganese(VII) oxide, MnO

It may refer more specifically to the following manganese minerals:

  • Birnessite
  • Hausmannite
  • Manganite
  • Manganosite
  • Psilomelane
  • Pyrolusite

Manganese may also form mixed oxides with other metals such as Fe, Nb, Ta, ... :

  • Bixbyite, a manganese iron oxide mineral
  • Jacobsite, a manganese iron oxide mineral
  • Columbite, also called niobite, niobite-tantalite and columbate
  • Tantalite, a mineral group close to columbite
  • Coltan, a mixture of columbite and tantalite
  • Galaxite, a spinel mineral
  • Todorokite, a rare complex hydrous manganese oxide mineral
Manganese(II,III) oxide

Manganese(II,III) oxide is the chemical compound with formula MnO. Manganese is present in two oxidation states +2 and +3 and the formula is sometimes written as MnO.MnO. MnO is found in nature as the mineral hausmannite.

Manganese(II) oxide

Manganese(II) oxide (systematically named manganese(2+) oxide(2−)) is an inorganic compound with chemical formula MnO. It forms green crystals. The compound is produced on a large scale as a component of fertilizers and food additives.

Manganese(III) oxide

Manganese(III) oxide is a chemical compound with the formula MnO.

Usage examples of "manganese oxide".

Iron oxide for red, cobalt oxide for blue, antimony oxide for a bright buttery yellow, manganese oxide for purple.

Those of the Renaissance used manganese oxide to enrich the brown in their umbers.

The marble blocks, from which the statues had been carved by his order, were pure white, recrystallized limestone, with none of the pinkness that confessed to manganese oxide traces.