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Mammut (roller coaster)

Mammut (Italian for Mammoth) is a steel roller coaster is a type of product from the company Vekoma Mine Train (it is the third roller coaster of this company in the park) in the Gardaland amusement park. This type of roller coaster is present in almost all the theme parks, because it can be used by a wide range of visitors by presenting inversions. It is the largest coaster for families of Italy.

Mammut was inaugurated in 2008. The 5,000 m² large area, where this attraction was built, was previously occupied by a complex of paid games.

Mammut (disambiguation)

Mammut may refer to:

  • The genus of the extinct Mastodon
  • Mammut radar, a German radar
  • Mammut Sports Group, a Swiss sports group
  • a roller coaster in the German theme park Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
  • Mammút, Icelandic indiepop and rock alternative band
  • Original name for the 2009 movie Mammoth

Mammút is an Icelandic rock band based in Reykjavík. Formed in 2003 as ROK, an all-female trio highlighting vocalist Kata (Katrína Kata Mogensen, daughter of former Kukl bassist Birgir Mogensen), the group expanded in early 2004 to a 5-piece band by recruiting guitarist Arnar Pétursson and drummer Andri Bjartur Jakobsson, and adopted the new name Mammút.

Mammút won Músiktilraunir, the Icelandic annual battle of the bands in 2004. The band enjoys popularity in Iceland and internationally. Mammút's eponymous debut album was released in Iceland in 2006 on the Smekkleysa label founded by The Sugarcubes. The follow-up album, Karkari, was released in 2008 and included "Svefnsýkt" which became the band's first major hit with immense radio play and charting in Iceland. With Karkari, the band was nominated in the "Best Band" category at the 2008 Icelandic Music Awards.

On its tenth anniversary, the band released its third album, Komdu til mín svarta systir. The album garnered critical acclaim and earned Mammút eight nominations at the 2013 Icelandic Music Awards; the band eventually won three accolades: "Album of the Year – Pop & Rock", "Song of the Year – Pop & Rock" (for their single "Salt"), and "Album Cover of the Year".

Usage examples of "mammut".

All the while, the mammut rocked, lifting its back leg, dropping it, repeating the motion, until Maggot noticed the iron band affixed to its ankle.

Leaving the mammut, he slouched toward the new noise, alert for signs of movement, his heart pounding at his own stupid distraction.

But the blue-and-yellow tent atop the mammut bobbled along at the edge of his vision, always in view.

And they would regale each other with tales from their own, peculiarly distorted, version of the Cycle: legends of the heroic Mammut and her calves as they romped through the impossibly rich forests of the far south, where the sun never set and the trees grew taller than a hundred mastodonts stacked up on top of each other.

Maggot had known mammuts before, especially on the morning side of the mountain range.

Trolls and mammuts fed side by side sometimes during the summer nights.

He saw deer, and once he came upon a herd of the flatback mammuts gouging mudholes in the soft earth with their long straight tusks.

The one in this bubble is a genetically crafted Mammut americanum, or American mastodon.

Rivolgeva a chiunque sor­risi gioiosi, anche al mio partner, John Sampson, un uomo che sulle prime può far paura ai bambini, perché ha la stazza di un mammut.

Tali ossa un tempo erano appartenute a un mammut peloso, e risalivano alle epoche glaciali quando le grandi bestie lanuginose percorrevano in lungo e in largo la tundra innevata dell'Inghilterra del sud come se, a detta dei Dorati, ne fossero i proprietari.

Now our Matriarch, the Matriarch of all mastodonts, was called Mammut.