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Mamie is a feminine given name and nickname (often of Mary) which may refer to:

Given name:

  • Mamie Clark (1917–1983), African American psychologist
  • Mamie Eisenhower (1896–1979), wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Mamie Johnson (1935–), first female pitcher in the Negro Leagues
  • Mamie Locke (1954–), Democratic member of the Virginia Senate
  • Mamie Smith (1883–1946), American vaudeville singer, dancer, pianist and actress
  • Mamie Thurman (1901–1932), American murder victim


  • Mary Mamie Cadden (1891–1959), Irish midwife, backstreet abortionist and convicted murderer
  • Mary Dickens (1838–1896), daughter of Charles Dickens
  • Marion Graves Anthon Fish (1853–1915), American socialite
  • Mary Mamie Gummer (1983–), American actress
  • Mary Mamie Lincoln (1869–1938), granddaughter of Abraham Lincoln

Stage name:

  • Mamie Jones, pseudonym of American singer Aileen Stanley (1897–1982)
  • Mamie Van Doren (1931–), American actress and sex symbol born Joan Lucille Olander

Fictional characters:

  • Mamie Dubcek, from the NBC sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun
  • Mamie Johnson, in the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless
  • the title character of The Revolt of Mamie Stover, a 1951 novel by William Bradford Huie
Mamie (disambiguation)

Mamie is a feminine given name and nickname.

Mamie may also refer to:

  • Typhoon Mamie (disambiguation), a list of Pacific Ocean typhoons and tropical storms
  • Mamie Creek, a stream in Iowa
  • Pierre Mamie (1920-2008), Swiss Roman Catholic bishop

Usage examples of "mamie".

Miss Mamie and her magnolias when he heard a sound to his left and turned toward it.

Atherton just continued to gaze into her eyes, and Mamie just continued to do her best not to melt into a puddle of ruined womanhood at his feet.

Miss Mamie, striving to mask his dismay and voice his concern in the most polite way he could.

The antebellum ambiance had carried from the first to the second floor, and the room to which Miss Mamie had led him was similar in style and furnishings to what he had seen below.

But as far as Mamie was concerned, the evenings held other, less tangible, benefits that made the heavy air a bit more bearable.

He made himself scoot to the opposite end and leave a nonthreatening foot of space between them, but even at that, Mamie seemed closer than she had ever been to him before.

And it had come about simply because Mamie Calhoun had invited him to swing with her.

Preston Atherton IV, for all his strange ways and odd customs, felt like a piece of Butternut, as far as Mamie was concerned.

Starting at 1:35, he would have lascivious thoughts about Mamie Calhoun.

Then, after his snack, at 2:50, Mamie ought to be back from running her dubious errand.

The sensation of rough hair grazing her tender breasts made Mamie cry out in frustration, desire, need.

And then he slammed his body into hers again, and Mamie nearly came apart at the seams.

His surprise at her action bought her a few precious seconds, because although he quickly followed her, Mamie made it to her room and slammed the door shut behind herself.

Because he knew lingering thoughts of Mamie were going to be inescapable upon his return to New York.

He had not seen Mamie for some time, and absence had made the heart grow fonder.