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n. 1 The evergreen tree (taxlink Mammea americana species noshow=1), or its edible fruit 2 The flowering plant (taxlink Magnolia guatemalensis species noshow=1) 3 A tree ''Pouteria sapota'', or its fruit.

  1. n. tropical American tree having edible fruit with a leathery rind [syn: mammee apple, mammee, mammee tree, Mammea americana]

  2. globular or ovoid tropical fruit with thick russet leathery rind and juicy yellow or reddish flesh [syn: mammee, mammee apple]

Mamey (Guaynabo)

Mamey is one of the 10 neighborhoods of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Usage examples of "mamey".

And then Mamey himself, beer on his breath, was leaning over her, helping her to her feet.

God were you thinking, turning those killers lose on me like that, Mamey Neal!

Still, she feigned surprise when she saw the men crowding the room, with Mamey standing at the front of them all.

And Mary crowded through the retreating men, made her way forward while Mamey stood in the road, blinking in shock.