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n. (plural of mameluke English)

Usage examples of "mamelukes".

The mamelukes reluctantly let her go, but left the room only when Shah Zaman, still stripped and bound, repeated his order.

We had them under our eyes, before us, at two paces distance, their horses touching the horses of our vehicle, these Frenchmen who had become Mamelukes, these citizen soldiers of the Great Republic transformed into supporters of the degraded Empire.

Recognizing his earlier error, Gerard now issued explicit instructions to these newly entered soldiery, detailing with unmistakable exactitude the necessity of immediately arresting the wizard and his apprentice, not forgetting to point directly toward the culprits, all of which precision was pointless since the Janissaries and Mamelukes had immediately started slaughtering each other with the gusto derived from hallowed and historic rivalry.

We have related how Murat had met one of his former Mamelukes, a man called Othello, on board the Bastia mailboat.

Mehemet Ali invited the Mamelukes to a feast, and murdered them whilst preparing to enter the banquet hall.