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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mameluke \Mam"e*luke\, n. [F. mamelouk, cf. Sp. mameluco, It. mammalucco; all fr. Ar. maml[=u]k a purchased slave or captive; lit., possessed or in one's power, p. p. of malaka to possesses.] One of a body of mounted soldiers recruited from slaves converted to Mohammedanism, who, during several centuries, had more or less control of the government of Egypt, until exterminated or dispersed by Mehemet Ali in 1811.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Egyptian dynasty 1254-1517, originally a military unit comprised of Caucasian slaves, from Middle French mameluk and directly from Arabic mamluk "purchased slave," literally "possessed," from past participle of malaka "he possessed" (compare Arabic malik, Hebrew melekh "king").


n. 1 A member of a military regime created and run originally by freed white slaves, which formed a ruling caste in Egypt from 1250 until 1812 and in Syria until 1516. 2 (context obsolete English) A slave (especially white) in a Muslim country.

Mameluke (USA)

Mameluke (foaled 1948) was an American Thoroughbred race horse. Bred and raced by Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, he was out of the mare, Schwester, and was sired by the 1936 Epsom Derby winner, Mahmoud who became the Leading sire in North America in 1946 and the Leading broodmare sire in North America in 1957.

Ridden by jockey Raymond Adair, and trained by Sylvester Veitch, Mameluke won a division of the 1951 Blue Grass Stakes but in that year's Kentucky Derby, the horse slowed badly before being pulled up sore and finishing last.

In 1952, Mameluke won the Metropolitan Handicap and ran third in the Suburban Handicap.

Mameluke (British horse)

Mameluke (1824 – after 1839) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire. In a career that lasted from April 1827 to October 1829 he ran thirteen times and won seven races. Unraced as a two-year-old, he proved himself to be one of the best colts of his generation in 1827 when he won the Epsom Derby and finished second in the St Leger. Both races were surrounded by allegations of race-fixing and corruption. Mameluke raced with some success at four and five before retiring to stud. He was not a great success as a stallion.

Usage examples of "mameluke".

Ka were all that remained of a town to which a handful of nineteenth-century Mamelukes had retreated, to live under the protection of Mek Nimr, Leopard King of Shendi, after their defeat by the Albanian warlord Khedive Mohammed.

The mamelukes reluctantly let her go, but left the room only when Shah Zaman, still stripped and bound, repeated his order.

We had them under our eyes, before us, at two paces distance, their horses touching the horses of our vehicle, these Frenchmen who had become Mamelukes, these citizen soldiers of the Great Republic transformed into supporters of the degraded Empire.

Recognizing his earlier error, Gerard now issued explicit instructions to these newly entered soldiery, detailing with unmistakable exactitude the necessity of immediately arresting the wizard and his apprentice, not forgetting to point directly toward the culprits, all of which precision was pointless since the Janissaries and Mamelukes had immediately started slaughtering each other with the gusto derived from hallowed and historic rivalry.

We have related how Murat had met one of his former Mamelukes, a man called Othello, on board the Bastia mailboat.

Mehemet Ali invited the Mamelukes to a feast, and murdered them whilst preparing to enter the banquet hall.

Just as Casca whirled toward him, a rock twice the size of a large man's fist flew from one of the de­fending Circassians and hit the Mameluke squarely between the shoulder blades.