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Mamay (disambiguation)

Mamay may refer to:

  • Mamay (film), 2003, Ukrainian

See also:

  • Mamai (fl. c. 1370), East-European soldier and ruler
  • Cossack Mamay, legendary character in Ukrainian folklore
Mamay (film)

Mamay is a 2003 Ukrainian language film. Based on ancient Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar folklore, this is a Ukrainian version of Romeo and Juliet. A fugitive Cossack falls in love with a stunningly beautiful Tatar woman who saves him from certain death. Their love defies age-old hatred between their respective peoples. The film features cinematography by Serhiy Mykhalchuk and a soundtrack by composer Alla Zahaykevych. It was directed by Oles Sanin. Mamay was Ukraine's 2003 submission for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.