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n. (plural of mama English)

Usage examples of "mamas".

All I knew then was that they had some mamas out there in the dunes, but me and my old lady went and crashed pretty early.

With rare exceptions, they have assigned this aspect of reality to various wives, mamas, girl friends and friendly hustlers whose pads are always open, day or night, to anyone wearing the colors.

Convictions are hard to get, the cops say, because most women are reluctant to testify, and those few who are willing usually change their minds after the Angels -- or some of the mamas -- threaten to cut them up or turn them out for the whole club.

Usually they were mamas, but now and then what the Angels call a strange broad or new pussy would show up.

They don't actively resent the mamas, but they observe a rigid social barrier.

One of the Oakland old ladies, a pretty, dark-haired girl named Jean, thinks mamas are pretty sad people, born losers.

The punishment is administered in a place where everyone can watch, including the mamas and old ladies, although most of the Angel women are careful to avoid these shows.

From the hour of his come-out, the Marquis had been a matrimonial prize, but the years had not taught him to accept this position with equanimity, to tolerate the schemes of match-making mamas, or to be amused by the lures cast out by their ambitious daughters.