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Mamak may refer to:

  • Mamak stall, a type of food establishment that serves mamak food
  • Mamak Gang, a Malaysian gang active since the early 1990s
  • Mamak rojak (or Indian rojak), the Malaysian version of a dish commonly prepared in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia
  • Mamak, a Persian language term meaning "little mother" or "kind and compassionate mother"
  • Mamak, Ankara, a district of Ankara, Turkey

Usage examples of "mamak".

Presumably Mamak thought he was overcharging, but it was still cheap by city standards.

The only one who seemed unaffected was Mamak, who chatted away as he walked, telling them old legends and stories of the mountains, many of which were variations of ones they knew from the mainland.

But Mamak had not allowed a fire that night, and though they shivered, the creatures passed them by.

The storm showed no sign of abating, and so Mamak produced a jar of a sharp, murky liquor and passed it around to them.

When Tane suggested that Mamak might have been unwise to curse Panazu, god of storms, the two men nearly came to blows.

Her body had sensed the proximity of death although her mind had not, and she felt the terror and panic crash in on her even as Mamak and three other heavyset men rushed into the room, wielding picks and shovels.