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Beryl has sent a messenger to tell you and her cousin Malystryx that this is a private quarrel and that there is no need for Malys to get involved.

He was about to give an order to have messengers standing by, ready to carry this news to Malys, who must certainly hear of this from him, when he heard more shouting in the hallway.

Oh, I am certain that Lord Targonne is doing his best to try to placate Malys and the others, but his efforts will be for naught.

He pretends to be oblivious to all that is going on around him, but that is only to lull Malys and the others into complacency.

Malys had ranted and raved, to be sure, but in the end she had stated that any move by Beryl to annex lands beyond Qualinesti would be viewed as a most serious affront to Malys and would be dealt with summarily.

Many of these dragons had been hiding deep in their lairs, terrified of Malys and of Beryl, of Khellendros, one of their own who had turned on them.

Beryl had no desire to antagonize Targonne, who would most certainly run tattling to Malys that he was being mistreated.

Beryl suspected now that Malys had been the one to plant the magical device where Beryl would hear of it.

Although rumor had it that he had turned upon his own kind and devoured them, as had Malys and Beryl, Mirrorfor onehad not believed it.

The Marshal fears that should Malys hear of it, all-out war will erupt among the dragons, a war that is likely to devastate much of Ansalon.